Fire crackers

Sunday 25th April 2021


Someone was ringing the gate bell.

Tara’s mother opened the gate.

Tara’s friend Natasha and her mother were standing at the gate.

“Of come in” mother invited them to the house.

Tara was so happy to see Natasha.

Natasha’s mother started speaking.

“Our neighbours are lighting firecrackers continuously” she informed.

“They were loud as ever” she explained.

“Firecracker smoke is everywhere” Natasha mother complained.

Everyone at Tara’s house felt sorry for Natasha and her mother.

“That’s why we thought of coming this way” Natasha’s mother said.

Tara sat next to Natasha.

Everyone started discussing the bad effects of fire crackers.

“That is noise pollution” Tara’s brother Tarun explained.

Tara’s mother had more to add.

“Firecracker smoke is bad for the health” she informed.

“Firecrackers have copper, lead, sulfur and other chemicals” she said.

“When burnt they affect our lungs and the nervous system” mother added.

Everyone was listening to her attentively.

Tara’s mother explained that quite a few countries have banned firecrackers.

“There should be some restrictions on firecrackers here too” she suggested.

Everyone agreed with Tara’s mother.


Why did Natasha and her mother visit Tara’s house?

What did Tarun say about lighting firecrackers?

What did Tara’s mother suggest as a solution?