Coconut shells

Sunday 14th February 2021

Tara liked it instantly.

She had never tried coconut-shell walk.

Mother made it with two halves of a coconut shell.

The two shells were connected with a rope.

Tara was walking all over the garden.

Tarun was amused by his sister’s walk.

 “You have got a new set of heels” he said jokingly.

Tara smiled.

“What else can you do with coconut shells?” he asked.

Tara started thinking.

“They can be used as fuel for fire “she replied.

“What else?”  Tarun asked.

Tara could not think of anything else.

“How about spoons made of coconut shells?” Tarun reminded Tara.

 “Shells are also used to make ornaments, mosquito coils and incense sticks.” Tarun continued.

“Do you remember the coconut shell tortoise at Nipun’s?” he asked.

Tara did remember it.

She realised how useful coconut shells could be.


With what did mother make the coconut shell walk?

What was the use of coconut shells that Tara remembered?

Name three other uses of coconut shells?