Beagle the cow

Sunday 4th July 2021

Tara was seated in the farm house porch.

The farm looked even more beautiful with the sunset.

Pedris was herding the cows back to the sheds.

Among the cows was a big fat cow.

Tara thought it looked beautiful.

She walked up to Pedris.

“This cow looks beautiful Pedris uncle” she said.

Pedris smiled.

“It was a sick stray cow” he started explaining.

“Mr. Ben organised a surgery for her sick leg” he added.

Uncle Ben is Tara’s father’s friend.

It was he who sold the farm to Tara’s father.

“After the surgery the cow stayed in the farm” Pedris said.

“Mr. Ben named her Beagle” he informed.

Tara thought that was really nice.

“She was not as fat as this those days” Pedris explained.

“She ate non-stop after coming to the farm” he said with a smile.

Tara was so glad that Beagle stayed in the farm.


What was Pedris doing when Tara was seated in the porch?

What did Mr Ben organise for the cow?

How did the cow become fat?