Vega’s relief

Wednesday 31st March 2021

The circus was over.

Charlie, Chubby, Willy and Monty had a discussion.

They decided to visit Vega.

They were worried about their friend.

“Don’t know whether his parents reprimanded him” a worried Willy said.

“His sisters were very angry” Chubby too reminded.

They all set off for Vega’s home.

They got quieter when they neared the house.

However they were pleasantly surprised by what they saw.

Vega was lying down on the veranda.

He had his head on his mother’s lap.

Mama Pony was stroking Vega’s head.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

“Oh come, come” Mama Pony called the boys in once she saw them.

Vega jumped up in surprise.

“Everything went well Vega” Charlie informed.

“They performed the circus” Chubby added.

Vega was so relieved to hear that.