Wednesday 7th July 2021

It was getting late.

Vega wanted to return home.

Chubby offered to accompany him home.

Suddenly they heard a voice from above.

“I am tired, so tired, soooo very tired”

It was the Blue Bird, Mike.

He was hovering around Vega.

“I am so tired of flying” he informed.

“Shall I perch on your back?” Mike asked Vega.

“No” Vega said firmly.

Both Mike and Chubby were amused.

Mike landed on Chubby’s back.

“Chubby I will tell you a nice story” he said.

“I will tell it softly, I don’t want this baby pony to hear that” he added.

“He doesn’t like me” Mike said woefully.

Vega looked at Mike with big eyes.

“Do you want to hear that story?” Mike asked Vega.

Vega nodded his head.

Mike flew up and landed on Vega’s back.