Wednesday 7th April 2021

Vega smiled with his friends.

His friends entered the veranda of the pony house.

They were about to be seated.

Suddenly all heard a screeching sound.

“Chubby, Chubby hurry up”

It was Blue Bird Mike.

“I was looking for you everywhere” Mike added.

“Run back home” he advised.

Chubby and friends startedworrying.

“What’s happening?” Monty the bear boy asked Mike.

“Don’t know” Mike replied.

 “But Cutie was in a major hurry to get Chubby down” he explained.

Cutie is Chubby’s mother.

Chubby panicked.

He excused and started running homewards.

“Wait, wait we are also coming” his friends shouted.

Chubby halted for a few seconds.

Willy got on to his back and Chubby started running again.

Charlie, the rabbit boy and Monty followed them.

Finally they reached the deer house.

The door was open.

However Cutie was nowhere to be found.