Given up

Wednesday 5th May 2021

A few seconds passed.

Then there was a rustling of leaves.

Ben the monkey boy jumped down from a tree.

He had a sling shot in his hand.

His cousin Willy stared at him in anger.

Chubby wanted to pick a fight with Ben.

“How dare you hit me with stones” he said aloud.

Ben looked down.

Willy and Chubby started walking towards Ben.

At once Ben started to run.

Willy and Chubby ran behind him.

Chubby the deer boy almost caught Ben.

However Ben was quick to get onto a nearby tree.

Willy started climbing the tree to catch Ben.

Ben jumped off to another tree.

Willy tried to follow him.

However Chubby had other plans.

“Don’t waste time on him” Chubby told Willy.

“Let’s go and see Vega” Chubby suggested.

“We could hardly talk to him last time” he pointed out.

Willy slithered down the tree.

Together they walked towards Pony boy Vega’s house.