Cutie returns

Wednesday 21st April 2021

About two hours had passed.

Everyone was waiting at the Rabbit house.

Suddenly there was the sound of a cartwheel.

The children got up.

They saw a hand cart approaching the house.

It was being pushed by Papa Bear, Tony.

There was a big box in the cart.

Chubby’s Mama, Cutie was walking behind the cart.

The children ran towards the cart.

There was much excitement.

“What’s it, what’s it?” they asked.

“A new oven” a beaming Cutie said.

Cutie is the expert cake baker in the village.

“It came via ferry” she informed.

“Papa deer had asked Tony to push the cart” Cutie informed.

Chubby was both happy and relieved.

He was so worried up until then.

Deer Mama Cutie is Rabbit Mama’s best friend.

Cutie had brought the oven to the Rabbit house to show it to Mama Rabbit first.