Wednesday 21st July 2021

Vega kept staring at Chubby.

He was curious to know the full story.

“What happened to you afterwards” he asked after a while.

Chubby was still looking grumpy.

“Nothing” he said with a long face.

Big Bird Mike laughed.

“Nothing? You fell into the river while trying to climb the tree” he said loudly.

Chubby was embarrassed.

Vega was horrified.

Mike continued.

“He was rescued by a donkey who was taking a bath down the river”

“This is what happens to boys who don’t listen to their parents”

Chubby was both angry and sad.

“But he is a good boy now” Vega declared.

“He listens to his parents” he added defending his friend.

Mike thought for a while.

“Yes he is a much better boy now” he too agreed.

They proceeded without saying anything afterwards.

Mike said bye to the boys after a while and flew away.