Wednesday 18th November 2020

Chubby continued to look down.

Papa Deer stared at him.

After some time Chubby looked at Mama Deer.

Mama Deer Cutie felt sorry for Chubby.

“We know you did not eat the cake” Mama said softly.

Chubby felt better.

“It fell off the table” Chubby informed meekly.

“Why couldn’t you tell Mama about it?” Papa asked.

“You know she works hard to bake the cakes” he added.

Chubby felt sorry for Mama.

He felt that he had let her down.

Tears poured down Chubby’s cheeks.

“I am so sorry Mama” Chubby said finally.

Cutie walked up to Chubby and stroked his head.

“I will help you to bake another cake Mama” Chubby promised.

Papa’s heart melted a little.

“Ok then start now” he told Chubby.

Chubby nodded his head in agreement.