Tooth Brush

Sunday 7th June 2020


Father returned home.

He had gone to town.

Among other things he had got new tooth brushes.

Everyone at home got a new brush.

Tara too was given a new one.

 “I will keep my old toothbrush Thaththa” she told her father.

“I like its colour, red” she added.

“You have to replace that old one with this” father emphasised.

“The bristles of the old one are flattened” he explained.

“Some have bowed out” father went on explaining.

“That means the bristles are not reaching your teeth properly” he added.

Tara thought for a while.

“Your teeth are not brushed properly with the old brush” father concluded.

Tara knew about teeth problems.

She did not want to have bad teeth.

She took the new brush from father’s hand.

“Thank you” she said smiling.



Why did Tara want to keep her old tooth brush?

According to father what are the problems with her old brush?

Why did she take the new brush?