Sunday 19th July 2020

Spilled new

“This would do” Nikhil said.

Tarun too thought three jars were enough.

Their scout group prepared pineapple juice.

Another group was making sandwiches.

The food was for visiting scouts from a neighbourhood school.

The food was prepared inside tents.

Tarun, Nikhil and others in the group came out of the tent.

Meanwhile a junior scout entered their tent in search of a knife.

He accidentally spilled a jar of pine apple juice.

The terrified boy walked up to where Nikhil and Tarun were standing.

“I spilled your pine apple juice” the boy stuttered.

“I am so sorry” the boy said looking down.

Tarun and Nikhil rushed to the tent.

“You have spilled only one jar” Nikhil told the boy.

“We can make another, there’s another pineapple left” he informed the boy.

The little scout was so relieved.

“I came looking for a knife” he said softly.

Tarun gave him the knife and the boy said thanks and disappeared.


For whom were the scouts preparing food for?

Why did the junior scout enter the tent?

What did Nikhil inform him of?