Simple joy

Sunday 16th August 2020

Tara was at her study table.

She was engrossed in her homework.

Mother’s voice came from the next room.

“Tara close your windows, it’s raining” mother said.

Tara ran and closed the windows.

Through the windows she could see the raindrops.

Tara kept staring at them for some time.

She thought they were beautiful.

The rain drops were making small puddles in the garden.

The leaves of the trees were bathing in rain water.

It looked like they had got a new life.

Tara ran to the veranda.

She could smell the fresh smell of earth.

Mother came to the veranda, looking for Tara.

“The rain is beautiful Amma” Tara almost whispered.

Mother stroked Tara’s head in agreement.


What did mother ask Tara to do?

What did Tara smell while in veranda?

What did Tara tell her mother?