Sunday 23rd August 2020

Natasha was visiting Tara.

She had much to say.

Natasha spoke of the new girl in the class.

She said she was very tall.

Next she spoke about an upcoming concert.

She was going to be a fairy at the event.

Tara’s eyes glistened.

“Oh that would be lovely” Tara said smiling broadly.

“You will make a pretty fairy” she told her friend.

Natasha blushed.

She was so happy to hear that.

After that Natasha started talking about Inaaya.

Inaaya is Natasha’s best friend and classmate.

“Inaaya told me a secret” an excited Natasha said.

“Shall I tell you that?” she asked Tara.

“Don’t tell me, it’s a secret” Tara insisted.

Natasha was a little disappointed.

“But you are also my friend” Natasha reminded.

“You should not break the trust of Inaaya” Tara said.

“She must be expecting you to keep the secret” Tara reminded.

Natasha left for home after that.



What did Tara say about Natasha being a fairy at the concert?

Who is Inaaya?

What did Tara say about trust?