Saving Serpent

Sunday 23rd February 2020


Tara finished her homework.

She came to the verandah.

Shadow was in the far corner of the garden.

Tara saw him jumping up and down.

She went to see what he was up to.

She was shocked by what she saw.

Shadow was trying to catch a serpent.

It was trying to escape from Shadow.

“Aiya….” Tara called aloud to her brother.

Tarun came out of the house grumbling.

“A serpent” a wide eyed Tara informed.

Tarun rushed and had a look.

He got hold of Shadow.

He carried Shadow to his room and locked the door.

Tarun turned to Tara.

“Open the gate” he said.

Tara ran to open the gate.

Tarun managed to force the serpent through the path way.

“Run to the verandah” he ordered Tara.

Tara ran to the verandah and watched.

Both were relieved when the serpent went out of the gate.

Tarun closed the gate.


What did Tara see Shadow doing in the garden?

Why did Tarun lock up Shadow?

What made Tara and Tarun relieved?