Old Trees

Sunday 31st May 2020


Tarun felt relaxed.

Father was driving the car.

He was driving through a road in Colombo.

They were passing some old trees along the road.

However Tarun got worried a little later.

Some trees looked really old.

They saw broken or loosened roots.

It’s as if they were about to fall.

He turned to father.

“Something should be done about those very old trees” he said.

“They are about to fall” Tarun informed.

“They can injure people if they just fall like that” he added.

Father agreed.

“The municipal council should do something about them” he said.

“Several trees fell due to stormy weather last year” he informed.

Father added that the authorities should install tree supports for such trees.

“I better write to the municipal on this matter” he said.

Tarun hoped the municipal would take up this matter seriously.


What made Tarun worried?

According to father what’s the authority in charge of the city trees?

What was father’s suggestion to stop trees from falling?