Sunday 20th September 2020

Nipun and Tarun took a walk.

The two friends were walking down the lane.

They were passing the house of their friend, Akhil.

The gate of Akhil’s home was open.

The garden was full of trees.

Akhil was seated on a garden bench under a tree.

He was deep in thought.

“Akhil what’s up?” Nipun inquired.

Akhil walked towards his friends sporting a smile.

‘I was thinking about a story” Akhil said.

“Our Sinhala teacher wanted us to write a short story” he added.

“I always get better ideas when I am seated here” Akhil explained.

Tarun and Nipun said good bye to his friend.

They continued their walk.

“What Akhil said was true” Nipun told Tarun.

“I think better when I am seated under our mango tree” he informed.

“I suppose we are at our best when associated with nature” Nipun said.

Tarun agreed.

“That’s why we like forests, mountains and rivers so much” he reminded Nipun.


What was Akhil doing on the garden bench?

Why was he seated there?

What did Nipun say about nature?