Natasha’s story

Sunday 10th May 2020


Natasha came to see Tara.

She is Tara’s neighbour.

Natasha had some news for Tara.

Someone had been pelting stones at Natasha’s garden.

The stones come over the wall” she told Tara.

“Must be some boys in the lane” she added.

Tara was becoming curious.

“I too started pelting stones when stones came our way” Natasha informed.

“I sent bigger stones over the wall” she said laughing.

“Then they stopped throwing stones. This has been happening for a week now” she added.

Tara was shocked.

“Didn’t you tell your parents” Tara asked.

“No, they pelt stones only when I am in the garden” Natasha said.

“You should tell your parents” Tara insisted.

“How if they send a big stone and it strikes you” she asked.

“You will get injured. Also they can get injured by your stone throwing” she explained.

Natasha understood the gravity of the issue.

She agreed to tell her parents about  what was happening.


Why did Natasha throw stones over their wall?

What had happened when Natasha did that?

According to Tara what would happen if a big stone came over the wall and hit Natasha?