Sunday 26th July 2020

Tara was waiting anxiously.

She was waiting for the monkeys.

A group of monkeys had been visiting her area often.

They cross the area in the morning.

Later in the afternoon they go back.

Around 8 am Tara heard a volley of barking.

The area dogs were barking aloud.

Tara ran to the veranda.

Her father too was there.

Both of them got entered the garden.

The monkeys were on the mango tree next door.

There were a few mangoes left on the tree.

The owners hadn’t been living in the house for some time.

“Why do monkeys come so often now Thaththa?” Tara asked.

“They go looking for food, Tara” father said.

Father reminded Tara that monkeys have lost their homes due to deforestation.

Tara felt so sad for the poor animals.

She was glad that monkeys could find something to eat.



Whom did Tara wait for?

Where did she see them?

What made her glad?