Kithul Jaggery

Sunday 14th June 2020


It was a refreshing change.

Uncle Emil offered tea with Jaggery.

Tara and Tarun both love Jaggery.

Their parents too like it.

The family was visiting father’s office colleague, Uncle Emil.

Uncle Emil lives alone in a house near a paddy field.

Though in Colombo suburbs, that area had a rural look.

“Tara and Tarun both love juggery” mother informed Uncle Emil.

“Very good” Uncle Emil said smiling.

“I gave up refined sugar years’ back” he informed.

“They trigger all kinds of illnesses” Uncle Emil added.

“Yes diabetes, blood pressure and several others” father too joined in.

Tara was listening with wide eyes.

“Mainly because they are fast to digest” Uncle Emil explained.

“Kithul jaggery is much slower to digest” father said.

“Yes and it has calcium, minerals, iron and even vitamins” Uncle Emil said.

Tara and Tarun were glad to learn that.



What did Uncle Emil offer with tea?

Why did Uncle Emil give up refined sugar?

What are the nutrients one gets in Kithul jaggery?