Sunday 26th April 2020


Tarun pulled at Nipun’s hand.

Nipun was trying to leave the ground.

“Don’t take it that seriously” Tarun said.

The boys in the lane were playing cricket.

Nipun was the batsman and Radith, another boy, was the wicket keeper.

Radith is known for his foul mouth.

He said something insulting to Nipun.

Nipun walked out of the crease immediately.

Another boy Akhil too approached Nipun.

“You know Radith’s bad mouth” he reminded Nipun.

“He does that with everyone” Akhil added.

“That’s the problem” Nipun argued.

“Everyone is tolerating him” he said.

 “Radith gets worse every day as a result” Nipun declared.

The others too agreed.

Akhil spoke to Radith.

“Radith either you apologise or we have to send you out” he insisted.

Radith was hesitating.

Everyone demanded an apology from him.

Finally Radith apologised.

“This is the last chance you get” Tarun insisted.

“If you insult anyone again you can’t play cricket with us” he added.

Radith kept silent.

Nipun walked back to the crease.



Why did Nipun try to walk out?

According to Nipun what has worsened Radith’s behaviour?

What did Akhil tell Radith?