Hop and Catch

Sunday 22nd March 2020


Tarun was bored.

Nipun had gone to his grandmother’s.

A lone Tarun walked down the lane.

He saw a group of young boys in the ground.

Tarun knew them well.

They were playing hop and catch.

Tarun remembered how he played it when he was small.

He had not played the game in years.

He watched the boys for a few minutes.

A sudden urge came over Tarun to join them.

“May I join?” he asked.

The amused youngsters gave him a nod.

Tarun offered to catch them.

With giant steps he started hopping behind the little ones.

The small boys were running all over.

They were hooting and shouting in joy.

Tarun too enjoyed himself immensely.

He realised he was never too old to play hop and catch.



Why did Tarun feel bored?

What were the little boys doing in the ground?

What did Tarun realise after the game?