Sunday 9th August 2020

Father was driving slowly.

He had not taken this road for some time.

They usually take the short cut to town.

However this road is more scenic.

Tara was waiting anxiously in the car.

The next stretch of the road is her favourite.

It has a paddy field next to a jogging track.

However Tara was surprised by what she saw.

The view was now blocked by pavement hawkers.

There were people selling fruits, vegetables, meal packets and shirts.

Tara turned to her father.

“Oh Thaththa these people are blocking the view” she complained.

“Yes, the beauty of the whole area is gone” father too agreed.

“They were not there earlier” Tara reminded.

“Yes they must have come from somewhere” father said.

“I hope the municipal authorities would take some action” he added.

Tara too hoped so.



What was Tara anxiously waiting for?

What were the hawkers selling?

Whose father hoped that some action would be taken?