Sunday 12th April 2020


Aunt Anu is Tara’s mother’s friend.

Tara and mother visited Aunt Anu on a Sunday.

There’s a guava tree behind Aunt Anu’s house.

Tara loves guava.

She went under the tree and looked up.

There were a few fruits on the top branch.

“Do you want guavas Tara” Aunt Anu asked smiling.

“Come we plucked some yesterday” she said.

Tara followed Aunt Anu to the pantry.

Aunt Anu offered a fruit basket to Tara.

Tara picked a guava.

Aunt Anu put the rest of the guava’s in a bag.

She gave it to Tara and Tara thanked her profusely.

Are there any for you?” Tara’s mother asked.

“We can pluck any time from the tree” Aunt Anu said.

Tara was touched by the generosity of her mother’s friend.

“Guava has vitamin A, B, C and fibre” Aunt Anu told Tara.

“It's ood for your eyes, skin and immunity” she added smiling.

Tara was glad that she liked the nutritious fruit.


Where was the guava tree?

What did Aunt Anu do to the rest of the guavas?

What are the vitamins in guava?