Gathering knowledge

Sunday 16th February 2020


Tarun liked it.

Savan had got a general knowledge book.

Randomly he would ask questions from the book.

It was the interval.

“Tarun where is the volcano Vesuvius?” he asked.

Tarun was taken unawares.

He had heard about Vesuvius.

However he had forgotten where it is.

“Nikhil?” Savan posed the question to Tarun’s friend.

“Italy” Nikhil answered munching his sandwiches.

“Fantastic” Savan replied.

Nikhil turned to Savan.

“Where is volcanoe Etna?” he asked.

Savan didn’t know the answer.

The others too didn’t.

“That’s too in Italy” a smiling Nikhil said.

Tarun was so happy.

He was learning things even during the interval.

“What is the tallest mountain in Africa” Aditya asked Tarun.

That Tarun knew.

“Mount Kilimanjaro” he said with a big smile.

“It has three volcanic cones” Nikhil informed.

Everyone enjoyed that interval.


What was Savan doing?

Why was Tarun happy?

Which mountain has three volcanic cones?