For home

Sunday 2nd August 2020

Mother came to Tarun’s room.

“Hurry up putha” she said.

They were to visit a relation of their mother.

Tarun was picking a T shirt to wear.

Mother had ironed and hung them in the wardrobe.

Tarun took out his favourite yellow T shirt.

His face changed when he saw the front of it.

The stain remained. 

Tarun got the stain on the T shirt during a scout expedition.

“Amma this stain is still there” he showed it to mother.

“It’s not going putha” mother said.

Tarun’s heart sank.

Mother chose another T shirt for him.

“Now forget that and wear this” she said.

Tarun was so upset that he had to give up the yellow T shirt.

“You can wear the yellow one at home if you want” mother suggested.

How happy Tarun was to hear that!

He had completely forgotten that he could wear it at home.


Why did mother ask Tarun to hurry up?

What did mother say about the stain?

What made Tarun happy?