Sunday 21st June 2020


The lane boys gathered at the ground.

“What is our national game?” Nipun asked all of a sudden.

“Volleyball” Akhil answered.

“Good” Nipun replied.

“But that has been since 1991” Tarun explained.

“Before that it was Elle” he added.

Everyone started talking.

Most of them had seen Elle games on TV.

They had all liked it.

However no one had played it.

“Let’s play Elle today” they all suggested.

Those who knew the rules explained them to the others.

Once the game was started every one enjoyed it.

“Oh this is even better than cricket” Radith said.

Others too agreed.

“They should have retained Elle as the national game” Akil declared.



What is Sri Lanka’s national game?

What was the national game before that?

What did Akhil finally say about Elle?