Sunday 28th June 2020


“Shoo” Tara shouted.

She chased away the pheasant.

Mother was concerned.

“Why did you shoo away that Ati Kukula?” she asked.

“It eats poor snails” Tara complained.

“It has eaten almost all in the garden except one” she informed.

“That one was saved because I covered it with a sheet” she added.

Mother smiled.

“It’s sweet of you to have saved that snail Tara” she said.

“However for some animals other animals are their food” she explained.

Tara knew that.

She has always felt that it was unfair.

“I know Amma, but isn’t it very unfair?” she asked.

“Yes it is, nature can be unfair at times” mother too agreed.

Tara was glad that mother agreed with her.

“It is good to save the animals whenever possible” mother said.

“You are a good girl Tara, you saved the snail” she added.

Tara felt good.



Why did Tara shoo away the pheasant?

How did Tara save the remaining snail?

What made Tara feel good?