Sunday 8th March 2020


Tarun was practicing for the sports meet.

Everyone was braving the scorching sun.

Tarun took a break to sip some water.

“Savan, drink some water” he told his classmate.

“I’ll have it later” Savan told Tarun.

Savan was practising high jump.

The teachers had asked the boys to keep themselves hydrated.

Tarun had drunk water thrice already within a period of two hours.

He did not see Savan drinking any water.

After drinking water Tarun went for long jump practices.

When he returned he could not see Savan.

“Where is Savan” he asked another boy.

“Savan fainted and was taken to the sick room” the boy answered.

Tarun rushed to the sick room.

Savan had been given water and glucose.

He was recovering.

 “You should be alright” Tarun said patting his shoulder.

“I should have listened to you” Savan said meekly.



What had the teachers told the boys?

Why was Savan taken to the sick room?

What did Savan tell Tarun in the sick room?