Sunday 30th August 2020

It was after school.

Tarun and his friends wanted to visit a bookshop.

They were crossing the road leisurely.

Then suddenly a bus braked hard.

It squeaked loudly and stopped right next to the boys.

The boys were stunned.

It was a narrow shave!

The boys frowned at the bus driver.

Tarun narrated the episode to his father in the evening.

He was expecting the father to blame the driver.

“Did you look at the road properly before crossing?” he inquired.

Tarun tried to recall whether they did.

He admitted that they hadn’t looked at the road properly.

“That’s the issue” father started explaining.

“You can’t be always right just because you are using the crossing” he said.

“You also have a responsibility to avoid an accident” he went on.

He insisted that one should look at either side of the road before crossing.

“Also you should not cross the crossing at a leisurely pace” he reminded.

“You have to stop talking and cross the road fast” father informed.

Tarun realised that he couldn’t put the entire blame on the driver.




Where were the boys heading to?

How did the bus stop?

What, according to father, should one do before crossing the road?