Cockroach saved!

Sunday 15th March 2020


What a scream it was.

It came from the back row.

There, Vishvi was standing on her chair.

She looked so frightened.

 “A cockroach” she shouted out.

Then the others too started shrieking.

Anjula ran towards the back of the classroom.

She took the broom that was behind the cupboard.

Tara sensed what Anjula was up to.

“Anjula don’t kill the cockroach” Tara shouted.

Anjula looked confused.

“Why not?” she asked.

“It has a life juts like us” Tara said aloud.

Anjula stared at Tara for a few seconds.

Next she looked for the cockroach.

Slowly she managed to throw it out of the class.

Everyone thanked Anjula.

Tara was so relieved that the cockroach was spared.


What was Vishvi doing?

Why did Anjula run to the back of the classroom?

Why was Tara relieved?