Sunday 13th December 2020

Nipun visited Tarun.

“Sorry I got a little late” Nipun told Tarun.

“I peeled some carrots for mother” he added.

Tara was amused.

“I insisted we have a carrot salad today” Nipun explained.

“Amma doesn’t like peeling carrots” he went on.

“So I peeled them for her” Nipun said with a big smile.

Tara looked at her brother Tarun.

“Aiya doesn’t peel carrots for Amma” she declared.

 “Amma doesn’t mind peeling carrots herself” Tarun said shyly.

“How do you know for sure?” Nipun asked.

Mother was following the conversation.

“I too don’t mind Tarun peeling the carrots” she said.

Tara clapped.

Nipun flashed a huge smile.

Tarun admitted defeat.

“Ok let me know when you want help” he told his mother.

“We all should make our contributions to preparing of meals” Nipun said.

“It’s not a responsibility of mother alone” he added.


Why had Nipun got late?

What did Tara reveal when Nipun informed the reason?

What did Nipun say about contributing to meal preparation?