Sunday 24th May 2020


Tara jumped out of her skin.

She was lazing around the house.

Suddenly she heard her brother shouting.

“Tara come here, hurry up”.

She ran to the garden.

“Look” Tarun pointed at the rose plants.

There was a big yellow butterfly on one of the flowers.

Tara got so excited.

“It’s so beautiful” she told her brother.

It was after some time that Tara had seen a butterfly in their garden.

She kept staring at it.

“Why don’t they come every day, Aiya?” she asked.

“Mainly because of air pollution and pesticides” Tarun explained.  

“They are disappearing from suburban areas now” he added.

"You still find them in villages with clean air” Tarun informed.

Tara knew that.

She had seen several of them at her grand parents’ village.

However Tara was glad that at least one butterfly had visited their garden.



What made Tara jump out of her skin?

What did Tara see in the garden?

What had made butterflies disappear from suburban areas?