Balloon goes bang

Sunday 1st March 2020


Tara loves balloons.

Mother bought a few balloons for Tara.

She was helping Tara to inflate them.

A little later Natasha visited Tara.

She got excited on seeing the balloons.

She too started inflating them.

Mother was blowing into a big balloon.

The balloon was getting bigger and bigger.

Natasha was inflating a small balloon.

She wanted to fill her balloon too to that size.

Tara noticed what Natasha was doing.

“Don’t” Tara cautioned.

“Yours is small” she explained.

However Natasha wasn’t in a mood to listen.

She blew more and more air into the balloon.

It burst with a bang.

She was almost in tears.

“I am sorry” she told Tara.

“I burst your balloon” she mumbled.

“It’s ok” Tara consoled her.

“I should have listened to you” Natasha admitted.


What made Natasha excited?

Why did Natasha continue to inflate the balloon?

What did she admit doing finally?