Sunday 29th November 2020

The junior scouts were tired.

Tarun too realised that.

He was in charge of the little ones.

They have walked about five kilometres.

It was a hilly road with rocks.

“Ok let’s take a break” he told the juniors.

They all sat on a flat rock and had sandwiches.

After a while junior scout Rakhith noticed something.

A group of ants were carrying a bread crumb.

He showed that to another scout.

The others too became curious.

Tarun was amused by the little ones’ curiosity.

“What is the lesson here?” he asked the junior scouts.

“Unity” two juniors responded.

Tarun nodded in agreement.

“Ants are more united than humans” Tarun informed.

“We humans can learn a lesson from them” he added.



Why were the junior scouts tired?

What did Rakhith notice?

What did Tarun say about ants and humans?