Angry girl

Sunday 12th July 2020


The bell rang.

Interval was over.

Tara was at the ground with Amanda and Anjula.

The three girls started running towards the classroom.

Other students too were running.

All were running down the corridors.

Tara’s elbow accidentally knocked against the stomach of a girl.

“I am so sorry” Tara pleaded guilty.

However the other girl was very angry.

“You did it deliberately” she accused Tara.

Tara felt helpless.

Meanwhile Amanda and Anjula joined Tara.

The girl frowned at them and continued to run.

Tara told Amanda and Anjula what had happened.

“Don’t be upset, you didn’t do it deliberately” Amanda explained.

“Yes, the girl too would have realised it” Anjula too pointed out.

Tara felt much better afterwards.

They hurried to the classroom.


Why did the girls start running?

What did the girl accuse Tara of?

What did Amanda tell Tara later?