Sunday 6th September 2020

Aditya was with a long face.

“What’s wrong?” Tarun and Nikhil asked him.

Aditya told them the reason.

Aditya’s house is under repair.

The family had moved into an apartment.

They will be there only for two months.

The apartment has only two bedrooms.

Aditya’s parents occupied one bedroom.

Aditya had to share the other room with his brother.

“I hate sharing” Aditya grumbled.

“At home I had my own room” he said grumpily.

Tarun could not believe this.

“It’s only for two months” he reminded Aditya.

“The time will pass soon” he added.

“You are sharing the room with your brother” Nikhil said.

“At hostels boys share rooms with outsiders” he reminded.

Aditya realised what they said was very true.

He was determined not to make a fuss about sharing the room.


What was Aditya grumpy?

What did Tarun tell him?

What made Aditya determined not to fuss about sharing a room?