Aditya's eyesight

Sunday 5th April 2020


It was the science period.

Tarun finished taking the notes.

The others were still copying notes from the blackboard.

Tarun looked around.

He saw Aditya squinting his eyes while focusing on the board.

Tarun had noticed that a few times before as well.

Once the teacher left the class he spoke to Aditya.

“Adi is it difficult for you to read the board?” he asked.

“Yes” Aditya admitted.

“Why don’t you see an eye-specialist” Tarun suggested.

“Talk to your parents” he added.

Aditya took Tarun’s advice.

His parents took him to a doctor.

It was revealed that Aditya has an issue with his sight.

He was to wear spectacles.

Aditya updated Tarun on the visit to the doctor.

He was very grateful to Tarun.

Thanks to you I figured that I have an eye issue” Aditya reminded.

“My parents too are very thankful to you” he added.

Next week Aditya wore spectacles to school.

The spectacles looked good on him.

He could read the board without any problem afterwards.



What did Tarun notice when he looked at Aditya?

What did he suggest Aditya?

Why was Aditya being grateful to Tarun?