A bicycle ride

Sunday 5th July 2020

Ride new

Tarun and Nipun were cycling.

They were going up and down the lane.

A little boy was staring at them from behind a gate.

Both Tarun and Nipun knew the boy’s parents.

Tarun waved at the boy.

The little boy too waved at him with a smile.

“It looks like he wants a ride” Nipun told Tarun.

“Looks like that” Tarun too agreed.

“Let’s speak to his parents” he suggested.

He wanted to offer a ride to the little boy.

At the gate Tarun rang the bicycle.

The boy’s mother came out.

Tarun told her how the little one was watching them.

“We can offer him a ride” he added.

The boy’s mother smiled and agreed.

The little one jumped up in joy.

Tarun helped him to sit on the crossbar of his bicycle.

The little boy screamed in joy throughout the ride.



Who watched Tarun and Nipun cycling?

Why did Tarun want to speak to the boy’s parents?

Why did the boy scream during the ride?