Willy the referee

Wednesday 6th March 2019


Willy informed the others of his decision.

“I will be the referee” he told Charlie and Chubby.

Charlie and Chubby were a little hesitant.

A race featuring two is going to be boring.

“How can I run against the two of you?” Willy asked.

“You will fly while I keep jumping” he explained.

Then they understood the problem.

“I will be up on that elm tree” Willy announced.

The race will be started from the ground end.

Willy started climbing the tree.

He wanted to highlight the landmarks of the rest of the race.

Chubby and Charlie waited at the bottom of the tree.

Willy reached a branch top and surveyed the landscape.

Then he saw somebody.

He was dark and very big.

The person was walking down the meadow road.

Willy could not make him out.

He had never seen anyone like that.

The person was walking towards the ground.

Willy slid down the tree.

“Why?” his friends asked.

“Somebody big is coming this way” Willy replied.