Willy gets the return

Wednesday 20th December 2017

Willy-gets-the-return new

Sweety wasn’t happy.

She thought her Mama would pull up Willy.

After all Sweety almost didn’t board the raft.

It was all because of Willy’s prank.

Sweety believed his story about crocodiles in the river.

She looked for Mama.

Mama was in the veranda with Papa.

There was no noise from Willy.

She wondered what he was doing.

He was having an afternoon nap.

An idea struck Sweety.

She quietly went to Willy’s table and opened the drawer.

Inside it was the rubber snake that he uses to fool others.

Sweety picked it and went back to the door.

No one was looking at her.

She threw the snake at Willy and ran away.

Mama and Papa heard a loud scream.

It was Willy’s.

They ran into the house in search of Willy.

A frightened Willy was standing on the bed.

The rubber snake was also on the bed.

In his sleepiness Willy had forgotten that it was his rubber snake.

Papa went closer to it.

A scared Mama pulled Papa back.

Papa looked carefully.

He picked it up and laughed.

Willy turned red.

He realized what had happened.

He jumped from the bed and tried to run in search for Sweety.

Mama caught him.

“You can’t punish Sweety” she said smiling.

 “She would have done this because of your crocodile joke” Mama explained.

“Yes everything is squared” Papa said joining the fun.