What was inside?

Wednesday 17th July 2019

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The Government Agent reached the village.

He came four days after the slab was found.

The villagers guarded the slab till then.

Fox Brown returned from the city two days before.

The Government Agent came with a large team.

They rested at Papa Rabbit’s Grocery for a while.

Next they all proceeded towards the site.

The villagers followed them.

‘Which boy found the slab first?’ the Government Agent asked Fox Brown.

Everyone pointed at Willy.

 “You will get a reward for this” the Government Agent informed.

Willy beamed with happiness

The digging commenced.

The diggers found an iron box behind the slab.

It was a big, corroded box.

“Take it out” Government Agent ordered.

His men lifted it and started carrying it.

Something fell off the box.

Charlie the Rabbit boy saw that.

Charlie picked it up.

He could not believe his eyes.

A gold coin!