What an end!

Wednesday 24th January 2018


The three friends stood under the Elm tree.

They placed the plank against the tree.

It was kept right below a low branch, at a slanting angle.

Willy first climbed the branch and slid.

The plank shook a little when he was sliding.

“It’s not steady” Chubbly warned.

“It would not hold me for sure” he said disappointingly.

The boys started wondering what to do.

They had to find a solution soon.

All of a sudden they heard a screeching sound.

A Blue bird was flying towards them at top speed.

“Stop, Stop” it screeched.

The boys wondered what he had meant.

The bird landed on Chubby’s shoulder still panting.

After a few seconds he spoke.

“Charlie the plank is to make tables for your and Curly” he told Charlie.

“Your Mama sent me, she told me to hurry up” he explained.

Charlie looked both surprised and disappointed.

“Oh dear my Mama would have yours” Chubby guessed.

Charlie too assumed so.

Blue Bird kept looking at the boys.

“You better hurry up before your Papa returns home” he reminded Charlie.

The boys brought down the plank.

After that they lifted it grumbling.

“What an end to the fun game” they thought.

Chubby led the team with Charlie and Willy coming behind.

Blue Bird landed on the plank.

He started singing a song as the boys left the meadow for home.