What a relief!

Wednesday 31st January 2018


Charlie sat on the ground.

He was watching his father work.

Papa Rabbit was making tables.

He was supposed to make two tables.

One for Charlie and another for his sister, Curly.

Charlie loves carpentry.

However his father would not let him meddle with serious work.

So Charlie watched his father sawing the plank.

Curly joined Charlie a little later.

She too was very excited.

Mama Rabbit brought tea for Papa and the children.

She was happy for Charlie and Curly.

Mama kept Charlie’s secret.

She did not tell Papa about Charlie’s trip to the meadow with the plank.

Mama was worried that Papa would punish Charlie.

Charlie was so glad that Mama did that.

She however reprimanded Charlie.

After all Charlie could have at least asked Mama before taking the plank away.

By noon Papa finished one table.

Curly wanted that.

Charlie did not object.

By late afternoon Papa finished Charlie’s table as well.

Charlie touched the surface of the table.

It was so smooth.

He beamed with happiness.

Charlie wondered what would have happened if he had damaged the plank.

How relieved he was that he and friends brought it back soon.

Charlie resolved never to do anything without asking Mama or Papa thereafter.