Visiting Grand Aunt

Wednesday 21st February 2018


The Rabbit family reached the bridge.

On the left to the bridge was a hillock.

A pathway ran towards the top of the hillock.

Curly and Charlie looked up.

There, they could see Grand Aunt’s cottage.

Grand Aunt is the sister of Rabbit Mama’s mama.

She lives alone in a cottage on the hill top.

The children could see a small figure in front of the cottage.

They were sure it was Grand Aunt.

“Oh Grand Aunt is there” Curly shouted.

Grand Aunt knew that they were arriving that day.

“She must have been waiting since morning” Rabbit Mama guessed.

“Yes I too think so” Papa Rabbit agreed.

Charlie and Curly started running up the path way.

Grand Aunt came halfway down to meet them.

She gave big hugs to the two children.

She was so fond of Charlie and Curly.

She warmly welcomed Mama and Papa Rabbit too.

Together they walked towards the cottage.

Once they came to the drawing room Grand Aunt looked at the children again.

She looked at them with a twinkle in her eyes.

 “I have a surprise for you…” she said in a sing-a-song tone.

The children wondered what it was!

“Oh please tell us what it is Grand Aunt” an impatient Charlie asked.

“Well, well… have to find out” Grand Aunt kept on smiling.

“It’s in this room” she made things easier for the children.

Charlie and Curly looked around.

So were Mama and Papa Rabbit.

Nothing had changed about Grand Aunt’s drawing room.

Then curly noticed something.

There was something covered with a big cloth near the window.

Curly ran towards that and started removing the cloth.

What did she see there?