Wednesday 18th March 2020


The news spread in the village.

Everyone got to know the boys’ escapade.

Vega had developed a back pain after the incident.

His Papa had taken him to Dr Berry, the big squirrel.

The news disturbed his friends.

They had thought Vega’s worry was only about the saddle.

“Monty is very heavy, poor Vega” Willy said.

Chubby and Charlie both agreed.

“It must have hurt his back a lot” they said.

The three friends badly wanted to see Vega.

However they were in two minds.

They were wondering what Vega’s parents would say.

“Vega’s Mama is very nice” Willy pointed out.

“I don’t know about Papa though” he added.

However finally they decided to pay the visit.

Charlie got some sweets for Vega from the grocery.

From far they could see that the door of the pony house was closed.

Willy knocked at the door.