Vega’s dilemma

Wednesday 15th May 2019


Vega stopped galloping.

He was stunned by what he saw.

That was his worst fear.

Bear boy Monty was at the ground with his friends.

Vega knew expected this.

However he did not expect it to happen so soon.

“All this is Chubby’s work” Vega thought sadly.

“He must have brought the bear boy” he guessed.

Willy was the first to see Vega.

He could guess why Vega was not joining them.

“There, Vega is waiting outside” he told the others.

Charlie called Vega.

Vega looked down.

He did not move.

“Let’s all go and bring him here” Willy suggested.

So Chubby, Charlie, Willy and Monty walked towards Vega.

Vega saw that they were coming his way.

He wondered what to do.

Vega wanted to return home.

However he remembered that Mama had gone out.

So he would be all alone if he went home.

Vega wondered what to do.