Unexpected event

Wednesday 29th May 2019


It happened so unexpectedly.

Curly happened to be at the grocery.

Suddenly the bear family entered the grocery.

Curly got frightened.

She quickly left the grocery from the rear door.

However seconds later she felt bad.

Curly realised what she had done was wrong.

She picked up some courage.

Quietly she re-entered the grocery.

Papa Rabbit introduced his daughter to the bears.

“This is Curly, my daughter”

The bear family smiled with her broadly.

Curly too smiled.

Bear mother looked soft and kind.

The little bear girl was hiding behind her mother.

Curly noticed that the big bear girl too was a little shy.

She felt sorry for her.

Curly remembered that the girl was without a school.

Papa bear started a long conversation with Papa Rabbit.

Papa boy was getting bored.

“Is Charlie at home Curly?” Papa Rabbit asked Curly.

Curly said he was.

“Why don’t you take the children home then?” Papa told Curly.

Curly too thought it was a good idea.

However she wanted to invite Mama Bear as well.

Curly turned to Mama Bear.

“Aunty, please come with us” she requested from Mama Bear.

Mama Bear was very touched.

“I would love to visit your home” she said joining the others.