Wednesday 24th July 2019


Charlie held his palm.

The coin was glistening there.

He could not move for a while.

Slowly he went up to the Government Agent.

“Sir this fell from the iron box” he informed the officer.

The Government Agent was stunned.

It was as if he could not believe his eyes.

He took the coin from Charlie’s palm.

Next Charlie felt the officer’s heavy hand on his head.

“You are a very good boy” he told Charlie.

Charlie smiled.

“Where are your parents?” the officer asked Charlie.

Charlie pointed towards Papa Rabbit.

“Call him here” the Government Agent told Charlie.

Charlie returned with Papa Rabbit.

The Government Agent informed Papa what Charlie had found.

“Your son is a very good boy” the officer informed Papa.

Papa beamed with pride.

Within minutes everybody got to know the story.

“So the box has gold coins” the wide-eyed villagers concluded.

They turned to Fox Brown.

“Yes it looks like” Fox Brown said.

“This must have been part of King’s treasure” he added.