Wednesday 11th March 2020


Monty, the bear boy, fell on Vega’s back.

He lost balance and slid from there.

Next he fell on the ground with Vega’s saddle.

For a moment everyone was speechless.

Chubby helped Vega to get up.

Charlie and Willy helped Monty.

Vega’s back hurt a lot.

Willy picked up Vega’s saddle.

It was torn.

Willy was so disturbed.

Vega went to Willy to collect the saddle from Willy.

Willy handed it halfheartedly.

Vega saw that it was torn.

He started crying aloud.

He turned back and galloped away while still crying.

Others watched him sadly.

“It was he who wanted to train me” Monty said defensively.

“I did not want to do circus” he added.